CMID Inspections & Vetting Services

CMID inspections are carried out at request of clients in th Renewable Energy Industries. Cooperation exists with other firms to deliver the full package of inspections. Availability of inspectors are right away and delivery of service can be instantly.

n order to be prepared for the vetting inspections an independent pre-vetting creates an outcome to realize a proper ranking in the various schemes. Pre-vetting assists to minimize or eliminate the risk of negative observations avoiding a low score in the relevant databases.

During pre-vetting an in-depth survey will be held covering the relevant areas on board following the agreed and commonly known vetting programs. The questionnaires will be closely followed and when so required support can be given to solve the revealed shortcomings.

On board Vessels the Surveyor will inform and/or advise the Master supported by a summary of findings and guidance to prepare for the actual vetting. The detailed report will assist Owners, next to the findings, to take measures in a structural manner to avoid fall back in the future.

Assistance can be given to Owners to solve observations derived from previous Vetting. Vetting Service can also be performed by Hansen Marine for Second Parties in accordance with their reporting schemes. 

Hansen Marine performs audits for ISM, ISPS & MLC at Owners request in one go for the sake of interchange and balance of ship’s procedures. Document of Compliance for Panama and other countries under the scope of Macosnar Corporation.

Our lead auditors are qualified mariners with practical experience in working with ISM, ISPS and MLC and we can provide Owners with guidance through the certification process. We conduct the audits and prepare the Ship Security Assessments and the Ship Security Plans. Hansen Marine can be of assistance in developing and maintaining QESH management systems for Shipping and Industrial Companies.